The Reneric Group, Inc. (TRG)
About Us

Byron E. Brown is a retired Army Veteran and CEO/Founder of The Reneric Group. (TRG)

He holds a Master's of Science degree from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Leo University.

He is qualified as a Country Manager/Project Manager, Total Army Instructor Trainer, Small Group Leader, Large Group Leader and Observer Controller qualified. 

Our Passion

Is not only on our business, but also on helping people in our community and the world.


TRG is active in several humanitarian efforts around the world.

Our time is spent digging fresh water wells in Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Niger.


Conducting capacity building, professional development training workshops in Rwanda and Ethiopia.


Conducting training on preventing children from becoming exploited as child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and East Africa.


Conducting water, sanitation and health workshops in East & West Africa.

Office & Training Locations

We are headquartered in Houston, Texas. We have a 220 acre desert Tactical Training Center (TTC) located in the desert of Central California. We also have an office and training center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania giving us easy access to East Africa and North Africa.

We provide Soldier Skills (tactical combat training), tactical training support, anti-poaching services, leadership development, team building to the federal government, law enforcement agencies and corporate businesses.

Soldier Skills Training in Africa

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