The Reneric Group, Inc. (TRG)
Soldiers on the range firing line.
Soldiers Firing in Buddy Team.
Trainer Assisting Soldiers.
Combat Leadership Training
 -- Basic and Advance Officer Training 
 -- Basic and Advanced NCO Training
 -- Planning and Operations Officer Training  

Emergency Management

-- Operations Center Monitoring and Training
-- Search & Rescue
-- Humanitarian Personnel Security
-- Emergency Kits

Medical Training

 -- Basic and Advance Combat MEDIC Training
 -- Logistics
 -- Establishing Medical Clinics in Crisis Nodes

Military, Police, and Security Training
-- Soldier Skill Tactical Training 
-- Continuous Operations During a Disaster 
-- Maritime Security
-- Small Unit Tactics
-- Basic Combat Training 
-- BRM (9MM, M4, M16, M-50 Cal, Shotgun, AK-47, RPG, RPK) & Sniper 
-- RECON & Land Navigation
-- Police Unit Training
-- Administration Training
 Off Road Driver Training
-- Motorcycles
-- ATV
-- 4x4 Truck & Sedan
Provide Security in HOT ZONE
 -- Personnel Security Detachment
 -- Humanitarian Security 
 -- Intelligence Collections and Analysis

Soldier Skill Training (AFRICAP/ACOTA) / Tactical Training

TRG has the experts to deliver the professional training you need on time, and under budget...
Professionalizing a unit takes time, planning, and the 
expertise of several experienced trainers.
When asked to train your organization, military unit, police unit, security force, or combat medical station, we deliver a unit that glows in esprit-de-corps, and teamwork. We’ll invest the extra time, the extra planning, and the extra hard work because your life depends on it!

Soldier's being evaluated on Call For Fire.
Evaluate a soldier on First Aid.